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Rye at the Feline Charging Station

"Cat Fur-endly Plants" - January 2021

Cat's Name: Rye (pictured) also Olive and Fig

Location of The Feline Jungle: Philadelphia, PA

Cat Owner: Laura Kicey


A Little bit about Laura's Feline Jungle

We are all kind of new to plant parenthood, but I have been a long time cat parent and cat artist. We just moved to a new apartment with so much light and the combination of cats, plants, intense colors and sunshine has really helped us all through these difficult times. The plants really bring a great energy and bring the outdoors in which is great for the humans and cats who live here! We only have cat-safe plants indoors.

Rye (tortie pictured) interacts with plants as a tool to get human attention - namely food. When she is hungry, she will start chewing on the closest available plant, or biting each plant in reach on her way out of the room to lead me towards the kitchen. She knows it drives me crazy! Olive ignores the plants almost entirely, except once biting an African Violet flower and being unimpressed. Fig, our other tortie, likes to use the plants strategically while she play hunts. She enjoys walks outdoors, with plenty of plant sniffing stops and twig chasing. Indoors she wants to wear plants like clothing and enjoys being draped in fabric too. They are all such wonderfully different characters.


What's your favorite pet-friendly plant? What's a pet-friendly plant you wish to have?

I have a hard time naming favorites because I love variety. On aesthetics, I think Calatheas are up there for me for having such beautiful diversity in their foliage. They remind me of feathers. Fortunately the cats haven't noticed this similarity! The cats most enjoy playing with dried spider plant leaves when I trim them off.

I have become recently mildly obsessed with Puya alpestris because *teal flowers*!?! I would also really like a Pachira aquatica and Sedum morganianum more realistically.


A Little bit more Laura and @oliveandrye

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