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"Cat vs. Plant" - November 2020

Cat's Name: Miss Shellie

Location of The Feline Jungle: California,USA

Cat's Owner: Brianna and Alex


A Little bit about Brianna and Alex's Feline Jungle

We rescued Miss Shellie about 1.5 years ago. She is ~6 years old now and we are her 5th home in 6 years and we intend to be her Furrever home.

Miss Shellie loves striking a pose next to the plants and is very curious about investigating any new plant that comes into the house. I had to get a Cabinet to protect the poisonous plants from her, but any "safe" plants that are out and about all have little tooth marks from her gnawing, or are all flattened from her fluffy butt.


What's your most memorable cat vs plant moment?

Miss Shellie loves attention and really likes to OWN her space. The number of times she has knocked plants over as she walked across a shelf is unreal. She just plows through them to make her space. If I am taking photos of my plants, she will sit right in front to get her star moment. That's what happened in this photo, she trotted out and flopped down right next to the exotica and started her model acrobatics.


A Little bit more Brianna and Alex and @2girls2catsandplants

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