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Sol in the Jungle

"Cat Fur-endly Plants" - January 2021

Cat's Name: Sol

Location of The Feline Jungle: Los Angelos

Cat Owner: Linda


A Little bit about Linda's Feline Jungle

My partner and I moved in together prior to the pandemic hitting. We talked about adopting a four legged friend after a year of living together, but with quarantine we (more like I hehe) decided to adopt a kitten. On May 2020 Sol became part of our family. She has made quarantine life a never ending adventure... from 6am meowing to be fed, morning cuddles, broken planters, damaged plants (sigh), night zoomies, to escaping the house to hang out with her cat friends. She brings so much love and light to our lives. We are very lucky.


What's your favorite pet-friendly plant? What's a pet-friendly plant you wish to have?

How can I choose one! I really like Pilea Peperomioides. Its an interesting plant. I love how the new growth comes from the stem. And, those circular shaped leaves are unique and darn cute. I also like Calatheas because the foliage is gorgeous, but they are hard to keep happy and thriving. As for my pet-friendly wish plant, I would have to say the Hoya Kerrii. Those heart shaped leaves have me hooked.


A Little bit more Linda and @plantas_con_carino

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