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Sonya ”Planty Fashion”

"Planty Fashion" - August 2020

Cat's Name: Sonya, Maine Coon

Location of The Feline Jungle: Monroe, WI

Instagram: @maine.shag

Cat's Owner: Olga Morwood


A Little bit about Sonya's Feline Jungle

Two of my my maine coon cats and I were born in Ukraine. But we moved to the USA and we’re living the best life in our perfect Jungle house. Cats love spending time on our backyard on my garden. They love hiding under plants or veggies leaves ( like kale or cabbage ).

Sonya is the most lovely and friendly kitten. She is smart and loves to have some clicker training. For example, she loves to jump through your legs or hands, and walk wave. She is a talkative girl, I love her angel voice.

I start my plant collection in December 2019. I had a dream to have a jungle home but very afraid that cats can eat toxin plants. After studying and searching, I realized that it is possible to live in harmony with plants and cats!


What inspired your "Planty Fashion"?

Sonya is my inspiration. The moment I saw her sitting and looking at me, I realized that if I add some accessories ( for example, Satin Pictus Exotica) she will look like a real jungle princess 👸


A Little bit more Sonya and @maine.shag

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