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The Boston Fern Crown

"Planty Fashion" - August 2020

Cat's Name: Sigrid

Location of The Feline Jungle: UK

Instagram: @siri_and_sigrid


A Little bit about Sigrid's Feline Jungle

Sigrid is a rescue cat and she is 2 years old; she has a sister called Siri. In the picture, Sigrid is wearing a Boston Fern crown. The Boston Fern is Sigrid's favourite plant: she loves the texture of the leaves.


What inspired your "Planty Fashion"?

My Planty Fashion photograph was inspired by my love - and Sigrid's love - for plants! The crown on her head represents her sassy attitude; she is a very self-assured cat and extremely confident of her high place in the household.


A Little bit more Sigrid and @siri_and_sigrid

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