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The Pumpkin King

"Pumpkin Meowment" - October 2020

Cat's Name: Carl

Location of The Feline Jungle: Lithuania

Cat's Owner: Auguste and Joel


A Little bit about Auguste and Joel's Feline Jungle

I'm not sure what I can add to the things that you know already.

Well an interesting fact - this year I bough a huge pumpkin and had to figure out how to cut it (I am used to buying smaller pumpkins for food) and never this big. This was my first Halloween pumpkin ever! And all because of your contest :) I nearly broke my knife but it was fun in the end :D

Oh, and I've learned that Frankie eats pumpkin and he loves it :)


In honor of Halloween, what is spookiest thing about your cat(s)?

Both Carl and Frankie sometimes disappear at home. Several times we have been looking for either Carl or Frankie and checking literary every corner of our house, every box, storage space, under the beds, etc. and there was no sign of them. We even opened some cat food cans while asking if they are hungry - still nothing.. Once I ran into the street because I've panicked that they somehow ran away..

We panic a bit and then suddenly they appear from somewhere like nothing ever happened. Super spooky and seriously I have no idea where they are hiding :D


A Little bit more Auguste and @carl_and_frankie

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