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DIY Painted Arch in 3 Quick Steps

Painted arches are a fun architectural trend that can be done by anyone! Painting an arch is a quick and cheap way to give a room a fresh look. Learn how to paint an arch with these 3 easy steps. Read on for my step by step tutorial.


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What You Will Need:

Painted wall arches have become popular over the last few years as a cheap but effective way to change a space. They can be majestic displays of your artistry skills or something simple and playful. Painted arches are perfect behind bigger (sometimes bulky) furniture like desks, beds, and couches. It frames out the wall and really makes the furniture pop. When I moved into my new apartment I knew I wanted an arch to frame my dining table. It serves as a playful accent to the whole room.


  • Paint of choice (Click here for my paint color)

  • Painter's Tape

  • Level

  • Paintbrush

  • Pencil & String

How to Make a Painted Arch: Video Tutorial

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a quick painted arch that will help create the room of your dreams!

How to create a Painted Arch:

  1. First, add a good quality masking tape for the straight sections. This will determine the width of the arch. Use a level to establish parallel lines on both sides. For reference, the width of my arch is 36 inches. I like to use this 2inch wide masking tape from Amazon)

  2. Determine the mid point of the arch (For me, it is 18 inches). Using a string that is the same length as the radius of the arch, place one end of the string at the mid point of the arch and the other end at the edge of the parallel lines. Using the string as a guide, draw the top part of the arch. (Redo it as needed)

  3. Using a paint brush, fill in the arch with your choice of paint. For the top of the arch I used a flat artists brush and a lot of patience! This takes a lot of precision so give yourself a lot of time. Remove the masking tape while your final coat is still wet

(I'm using Benjamin Moore Sienna Clay 104 to match the aesthetics of my terracotta pots)

How simple is that? I love the style this mural added to a formerly boring dining room.

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